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NYE 2014 Event
A New Earth

Tribe Events are a safe space to put down all your barriers, to express and celebrate the essence of you.

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The Movement

A Movement of Heart Consciousness.


To awaken the world into heart consciousness through fun, joy and play.


A world where people live in peace and harmony, awakened to themselves, doing what they love and helping each other succeed.



Connecting to yourself authentically in a drug and alcohol free environment to feel the depth and truth of your being.


Sharing the expression of a heart conscious community for all ages, genders and races.


The joy of life—remembering to be fully grown children and playing with all our gifts.



The Experience



Tribe is a culmination of oneness for all generations and backgrounds, where the audience becomes a part of the performance.



Tribe is strictly drug and alcohol free, creating community building events that promote authentic connection and expression.



Every event is uniquely handcrafted by a team, artists and performers dedicated specifically to the role they love to do. It is a journey of love from beginning to end.



What Happens?

Tribe Events are a safe space to put down all your barriers, to express and celebrate the essence of you.

Our model is simple. We bring together heart conscious beings who love what they do, creating a melting pot of love transforming the life of attendees:

  • Deep connection to a community that accepts you for who you are and encourages your own unique expression.
  • Creating business ventures where you can express your inspirations to make a living doing what you love.
  • Authentic friendships and relationships that celebrate you and support your spiritual growth.



Giving Back

Tribe are working with Pana’s Foundation “Planting 10,000 Trees in One Day”.

For every person attending, a tree is planted to complete the cycle of giving and receiving with Mother Earth.



What’s the Word?


Simone from Tribe One Heartbeat, laying on grass.

“Being able to bring my 15yo daughter and her best friend was a highlight to my maternal heart. I know you realise how precious and wonderful it is to be able to demonstrate being in openness, fun, joy, love and spirit with young people without the need for alcohol. To a parent it is a huge gift that you created this space. Deep gratitude. One of the best parties I have ever attended.”

- Simone Surgeoner


Homero Gurrera of Tribe One Heartbeat in VIC Australia.

“I can’t put in words the energy felt throughout the night, there was so much love it was insane! More than a party, lives were touched, friendships made, souls healed and the present became our existence, no yesterdays or tomorrows.”

- Homero Gurrera



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